[109] Lock Picking Rapid Entry Techniques (Standard Pins)
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This video is a review of many of the various techniques I have gone over on how to open locks. If you would like more info on each technique please see the links in the video.
When you are faced with a lock that you need to get open quickly, open is open, and that is the priority. Raking and bumping are valued techniques, they can be quite reliable and even better they are very fast. Rake first and SPP second will help you get into locks much faster.
Do not pick locks you do not own or locks that are in use.
The addition of security pins can make raking and bumping more difficult but not impossible. There are many videos out there of people raking Schlage locks fully pinned with spools and even some people raking American Locks.
Always understand the lock you are dealing with and try to formulate a logical approach. Exploit the weakest link in the security and you will be able to get in much faster. Do not forget that many padlocks can be shimmed and bypassed. There are many weaknesses in many security systems and the lock is not always it!
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