[107] How To Pick A Wafer Lock
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This video goes in depth how wafer locks operate and how you can open them without the key. Wafer locks are commonly found and mostly used in lower security settings. They usually have low tolerances and are not too difficult to get open with the correct approach. Hopefully this video will leave you with a stronger understanding of how they work and how you can open one without the key.
Thank You to theboredlockpicker for pointing out that there is a difference between a Try-Out Key and an Auto Jiggler. Today, the terms seem to commonly get intertwined but there is a big difference.
A Try-Out Key you do not jiggle at all, it is essentially a pre-cut key and you just try one after the other hoping one will open the lock.
An Auto Jiggler is what was shown, they are used to more or less rake open the lock while applying tension.
I added these to the video to point out there existence and not to get into them specifically but I would like to convey accurate info on them.
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