[315] Lock Sport Update | Be Positive, Keep Growing Your Love For Lock Sport!
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It has been a very busy week for me but I had a lot of fun putting together a new Lock Picking Home School video for Wed (09/25/2019). I hope to keep making fun and educational videos. I am so happy to see how much our community has grown and how the culture of our sport continues. We are such a positive community and we need to always support our new members and help encourage everyone to keep pushing themselves. It will be interesting to see where the sport will be in 5 years and I am excited for the journey!
Here are the channels featured this week:
⭢ LegalLockPicker:
Congratulations on making 500 subs (I am rounding up but that is okay!) That was a very nice and generous giveaway and I was happy to be able to help with it!
⭢ Albert Lebel:
Congrats on reaching 500+ subs! This is such an exciting milestone and I am excited to watch your channel continue to grow! Thank you for doing such a generous giveaway and I agree it was a great example of our community putting others first but many channels excluding themselves so newbies could have a higher chance at winning!
Here are two smaller channels which will be fun for you to check out and consider supporting!
⭢ Melds:
Pick of ABUS 75IB/50 dimple lock:
⭢ Lowell Forbes:
(7) USN Ilco and a Burg picked:
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⭢ Neewer 176 Dimmable LED Pannel:
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